I’m In Love!!!!

Sunrise Lilies reds 6-16

OMG . . .  . I have started using some new products I “found” several months ago . . . and this is definitely my new “obsession”!! The company is “Heartfelt Creations” and the first products I’ve been playing with are the “Sunrise Lily” stamp set and coordinating dies. They also sell a “kit”, and you can go online to their website (www.heartfeltcreations.com) to watch videos on how to do their particular technique of “flower shaping”. It’s really very easy . . .  the kit helps, but you can also use your own firm foam pad and a stylus (you really need a couple of different sizes). I now have a wholesale account with them, and will be selling their products on my website. (https://bellacosavintage.com). Only one stamper took advantage of my “pre-order offer” to purchase items at my wholesale price; however, I ALWAYS sell UNDER retail price . . .somewhere about halfway between wholesale and retail . . .so you will always get a “Deal”! Check out Hearfelt Creations and let me know if there’s something you’d like. I have a limited supply from my first order, but I will keep a “waiting list” and when I have enough orders for another purchase, will do so.
And . . . . drumroll please . . .. are these flowers GORGEOUS, or what!!!???!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I’ll show you a few more I made, soon . . . and then, stay tuned for what I plan to do with them!!

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