Mini Album with Graphic 45!

For the first time, I attended the local “Scrapbook Expo” here in Sacramento this fall. It was fun checking out the booths and buying a few things; but the MOST fun (and the reason I attended!) was to take a workshop! It’s fun for me to do that from time to time . . . I’m usually the “teacher” and it’s fun to sometimes be the “student”! I took a workshop on making these mini albums, and was so glad to have some actual “hands on” rather than just watching a video on how to make these! It’s really not hard at all . . .and I have several ideas floating around in my head now, for workshops I’m going to offer!

The mini album here (which comes “blank” with some sheets to insert) is from Pinecone Press. And of course, the paper is Graphic 45 . .. this one has been around for awhile and is called “Worlds Fair”. VERY VERY fun project . . . .hope to see some of you at “Its All About the Scrapbook” in Dixon, CA, when I do a workshop there next year, using these albums!
G45 Worlds Fair album 10-16-1
G45 Worlds Fair album 10-16-2G45 Worlds Fair album 10-16-3

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