Grandma’s Attic Family Heirlooms


As I mentioned on the home page, I have boxes and boxes of vintage treasures from my family’s homes in Southern Minnesota.

Family of my parents’ and grandparents’ generations have all passed away, and I had the task of cleaning out two homes, which were full of memories, antiques, and yes, some “junk”!! My parents were married during the height of the depression, so very few things were thrown away in life. My mom grew up on the farm, where she remembered local Indians coming to the door to ask for things (I’m not really sure what!) from my grandma. And, in this era, life was not automated, or computerized . . .so everything was handmade. Those are the nostalgic things I treasure today.

As I get older, I am less and less “attached” to these things. I’ve given many to my nieces who I know appreciate them. Now, as I want to downsize and simplify my life, it’s time to sell most of what is left, to others who will also value them. I know I will also continue to want to go to estate sales, vintage sales, and flea markets to search out “finds” . . .there’s just something about the thrill of the hunt, right? So you’ll find here, family items as well as items I will continue to discover on my “hunts”. I will do my best to describe fully each item and its origin and anything I know about it.


“The Six Stages of Love” by Reinthal & Newman

Antique postcards published by Reinthal & Newman circa 1920’s. This is an OLD frame; as you can see by the photos, it is an old method of framing, and the frame has some normal wear, for its age. This only adds to the charm of this nostalgic portrayal of the greatest moments of a girls life.
Product# GA-1 

Price: $125.00


Set of 4 Blush Napkins

Set of four blush napkins with fancy work. Just a little different that “ordinary” white or cream napkins. These “blush” napkins are gorgeous – and still a perfect neutral shade for a special dinner or tea. Ready for you to place on your table!
Product# GA-2

Price: $25.00



Glass Etched Cream
and Sugar Dishes

Adorable little set of glass etched cream and sugar dishes. Truly from Grandma’s attic; and perfect for your specially set table!
Product# GA-3

Price: $25.00





Set of 2 Etched Glass Square Coasters

Protect your wood surfaces from water damage with this set of 2 etched glass square coasters. Approximately 4 inches square, and ready to make themselves useful!Product# GA-4

Price: $20.00



Leaded Glass Toothpick Holder

Product# GA-5

Is this little leaded glass toothpick holder cute, or what!!? I grew up seeing this on my mama’s china shelves . . .and yes, it always had these little “pickle spears” in it, too. Funny . . .we never actually used them! Mom sure made great pickles, though!

Price: $25.00



Pretty Dish

This is one of my favorite dishes from my childhood years. Mama always used it for family and holiday dinners, and it usually held black olives or sweet pickles. Our yard had a great patch of lily-of-the-valley flowers, too, which I loved. They bloomed for a short time in the spring, but I could always count on seeing them on this pretty dish during the holidays!Product# GA-6

Price: $30.00





Flowered Dish with Lid

Another one of my favorite pieces from mama’s china shelves. I believe this is a sugar bowl, but there were never any matching pieces with it, like the creamer. I love the flowers on it . . .and it does very nicely on its own, thank you!
Product# GA-7

Price: $35.00



Beautiful Vase

I debated at length whether to sell this beautiful vase. It’s a favorite of mine . .. but I still have too many vases! The inside has residue from many, many bouquets of flowers being put in it . . .but isn’t it gorgeous? It’s just waiting to be filled with more beauty from your garden!
Product# GA-8

Price: $35.00