First I want to say “I’m so sorry” to those of you who got my post last Friday and tried to make sense of the introduction. I ran into yet another glitch with my emailing service, and they inserted the photo of the Christmas card from The Greetery completely unbeknownst to me! My tech guru has told me that they will pull a photo from my media file, if I haven’t designated a primary photo! Which, of course, I didn’t know! So . . . hopefully that won’t happen again, as I’m figuring out how to tag a photo! (It was a pretty Christmas card! Just sorry it made no sense when you started reading the copy in my post!!)

So . . . . I wanted to bring two cards to your attention, as I’ve had requests for kits for these cards. They were both from my class in Grass Valley a week ago, but they were a huge hit and some of the crafters have asked for more kits. I have around 10 kits of each card available, if you’re interested. I love them too – they were my favorites from that workshop – so let me know if you’d like a kit(s). They are $7 per kit, plus mailing costs if you’re not near me. These are the two cards and believe me, they’re even prettier “in person”!!

I also wanted to show you some of the cards I’ve made recently at workshops I’ve gone to. It’s always fun to go to a workshop and be the “student” rather than the “teacher” . . . and I’ve got some new lovely and fun cards in my stash now! These first few are from a class my friend Katrina called “One Sheet Wonder”. It’s a method of cutting only one sheet of 12″ x 12″ patterned paper, and using it to make 10 cards! Thrifty, huh?!! And pretty . . . . and lots of fun! This is the gorgeous Stampin’ Up paper that was in the Saleabration catalog, called ” Favored Flowers”. Its been very popular, so you may have seen it.

I made these next two cards at my friend Susan’s workshop. I love both of them . . . clean and simple and really pretty!! Both are from Stampin’ Up products, as Susan is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, too.

I’ll be back again Friday, telling you more about my “technique” class coming up on March 18th. We’re going to be exploring lots of different uses and creative fun ideas for using vellum on your cards. Stay tuned! This is the first of my technique classes, which will be only $25 per class, and will be interspersed with my “regular” classes you’re used to.

I’m also working on a couple of baby cards I’ll show you Friday. I found some wonderful new “baby papers” and am having fun making some sweet and “vintgagy” cards! Hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration and are ready to go make some cards!!! Someone in your life would be SO blessed by getting a handmade card from you! Hugs! Janice

One thought on “MY APOLOGIES . . . & FLORAL CARDS

  1. This was the BEST blog. Of course love the cards
    What I liked so much is
    1, something for sell
    2, inspiration,
    3, class info
    If available I will take 5 of each card kit. Thise are one of my truly favorites

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