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You absolutely LOVE handmade vintage style cards.

You can spend hours perusing Pinterest, looking for the perfect card idea. But when you find it, you immediately think:

  • “I could never make a card like that! I’m not creative enough!”
  • You have no idea where to find that gorgeous ribbon used on this card.
  • You’re not sure what that unique fold is called, or how to create it.
  • I know it will take me hours to find these supplies, let alone actually make a card like this myself!

You’re in the right place!

WELCOME TO BELLA COSA VINTAGE – papercrafting vintage style.

I’m Janice and I started this online community to inspire, support, and encourage you as you find new success and fulfillment creating beautiful, “rave-worthy vintage style cards.

I believe that with a little inspiration and coaching, you can create beautiful handmade cards for the people you care about.

You don’t have to “be creative” to make lovely cards!



  • The joy on the face of your best friend, as she opens the gorgeous card you made for her birthday.
  • Knowing and understanding how to create the vintage look in your cards.
  • Learning new techniques to add that special touch to a vintage card.
  • Enjoying new relationships in this community of other vintage card lovers.

When you join the Bella Cosa Vintage community, you’ll find inspiring ideas, instruction, and encouragement to help you joyfully create beautiful vintage-style handmade cards for the people you care about.

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