About Me

When I started my “crafting journey”, I went crazy: macramé, sewing, needlepoint, crochet, knitting, crewel, mosaics, decoupage, watercolor . . . you get the idea. But nothing really “stuck” long term. I just moved on to another craft, feeling that’s the way crafting was going to be for me.

Eventually, I went to a “stamping party”. We followed the instructor, stamped onto paper, colored a bit, and made a couple of cute cards. Nothing “original” … and, I’ve never been really into “cute”! Then another stamp group entered my life. I was hooked!

These were women who were a little further along the card making journey than I was. Through their warm, accepting encouragement, ideas, technique instruction, and praise, along with their inspiring creativity, I realized I too, could “create” beautiful cards(the same me who can’t draw a stick person!) Because I love everything vintage, I finally focused on vintage-style cards and have never looked back. The joy of creating and giving these cards is a fulfillment I had never known. I can’t wait to share this joy with you!

In your new “crafting home”, you’ll find amazing and lovely vintage cards.

You will be shown step-by-step how to make each of these cards, with photos and detailed written explanations.

You’ll find encouragement to guide you to the perfect finished product you’re longing for.

You’ll learn how to find your favorite papers and unique vintage embellishments, with tips on staying organized as you create.

You will grow as a card maker so that you can enjoy the creative process and feel accomplished.

You will have your own personal coach (ME!), and a supportive community of card lovers like you, as you learn, grow, and create.



I’d love to hear from you personally! What are your card making challenges? What craft products do you need to find? What would you like to learn? What are your favorite papers and embellishments? Or – just say ‘hi”! I’m here to help!

You can email me at janice@bellacosavintage.com; message me on the Bella Cosa Vintage Facebook site vintagebellacosa; or fill out the contact form here, by clicking on the card photo below.