Do Your Holidays Include Handmade Cards?

Many of my crafty friends and I have recently been discussing whether the practice of sending cards is dying or not. Of course, to us, sending a card means a handmade card; but we wonder if sending (or giving) cards at all is a disappearing art. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions!

This topic is hard for me to even think about . . . . my “motto”, of course, is “A handmade card is a hug with a fold in the middle!” Not only do I derive a lot of joy making cards, I love sending them to those I love and care about! So . . . .weigh in on your opinion on this, won’t you?

We’ve recently celebrated both Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. I don’t think I know anyone who sent Memorial Day cards, but Mother’s Day is still one of the BIG card days of the year. I made a large selection of Mother’s Day cards for our monthly sale at the Vintage Marketplace at Prospector’s Nursery (Nevada City, CA). Many of these cards would also be perfect for birthdays, thinking of you, or even thank you cards. So I thought I’d show you some of my cards for your inspiration today. Feel free to copy or partially copy any card, or use as a starting point for a card of your own. The first two cards are both using Anna Griffin products. . . . so beautiful and fun to make. They go really quickly using her precut diecuts and other embellishments. The other two cards we did in one of my classes recently; a class of all floral cards (my favorite!). Then I just switched out some of the greetings I used on my set of cards, for Mothers Day.

If you have any questions about any of the cards or the supplies I used for the cards, don’t hesitate to ask me. That’s what the purpose of sharing is, here on my blog. Thanks for looking and I hope you’re taking time to create something every day! Enjoy! Janice

Two Mothers Day cards using Anna Griffin’s gorgeous papers and embellishments.

4 thoughts on “Do Your Holidays Include Handmade Cards?

  1. Your first blog is great. Will it take 2 days each time you submit one? Just curious 🤔 as if you need something out there you might need to do sooner than later. Is this where you will advertise classes, market, selling items, etc. ?

    1. Ni friend! Not sure about the timing . . . it’s a little strange, if you ask me! Yes . . . this is eventually where EVERYTHING will be (after I spend a couple of months trying to get folks used to looking here, rather than my old emails) . . . .Hugs!

  2. To answer the question—I do still send cards to all my friends & family for birthdays & anniversaries. I also still send Christmas cards.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the talent of making my own cards, but—I’m lucky enough to have a lovely friend who sends me some of the cards she makes, on occasion! Those cards only get sent to special people on special occasions, and if I know they will truly appreciate them!
    Thank you Janice!

    1. Sally!! Hi!! Thanks for answering my question . . . have been asking it a lot lately, and still get fairly conflicting answers! I love that you love my cards . .. and will try to keep you “supplied” from time to time!! Miss you and hope all is well!

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