SAVE THE BEES! . . . please!

Are you aware that there’s a problem in our country with bees dying? I have just recently read some about it, tho’ not a lot . . .but there definitely is a problem! And I know my garden LOVES bees . . . and that they are necessary in many cases for the health and pollination of our plants.

So . . . you’re probably asking yourself “what’s this got to do with vintage cards”? If you haven’t seen, purchased, or used Graphic 45 Papers’ recent line of papers called “Let It Bee”, get online and get some now! These papers are soooo gorgeous . . the colors, the vintage style patterns, and . . . of course . . .the wonderful bees! I did a workshop with these papers a couple of months ago, and figured those of you who are not local, or were not able to come, would enjoy seeing the cards we made.

One of the things I love about Graphic 45 is their paper designs. So many of them have that “vintagey feel” and the graphic elements in the every line, from large to small, always fit with that feel. Hope you enjoy these cards!

AND . . . . stay tuned for later this week! I’ll be posting photos of a special class I’m doing on August 6th, during the monthly pop up “Vintage Marketplace” at Prospector’s Nursery in Nevada City. If you’re Sacramento Area local, you might want to take a beautiful day trip up there to check out the sale . . . .and a class, if I’m having one that month! The Marketplace is open the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each month.

I’ll also be posting the first of “Christmas in July” Christmas card kits that I’m offering for sale. My sales page isn’t up and running yet, but I wanted to get a few kits out there in July, so watch for those later this week! Thanks so much for joining me here online with my “obsession”! Happy Crafting . . . . and do something creative every day!

LET IT BEE cards – Graphic 45 papers

And . .. . in addition to the Graphic 45 cards, I decided to add one more card featuring some vintage bee graphics that I found online. This mixed media card was soooo much fun to make! OF course, that’s one of my favorite cards to make! Can’t go wrong with lace, vintage buttons, linen doilies, and luscious silk ribbon!

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