Don’t you just love learning new crafting tips and ideas? I surely do.

Recently I had the pleasure of getting a beautiful handmade card from another crafter, which was a total surprise. (even more fun!!) We “met” through the mail, as our orders from one of our favorite suppliers got mixed up . . . she got my order, and I got hers! She was kind enough to look me up and ship my order to me, along with a really sweet card . . . . .here it is!

Isn’t this beautiful!?! She used matte gold “swirls” and a greeting banner from Anna Griffin, and her background is FABRIC!!! I love it! The fabric has gorgeous flowers and leaves, both outlined and highlighted with gold, also . . . . Perfection!!

Life’s been a little crazy for me for the last couple of months, so I haven’t had a chance to pull out my boxes of fabric and try this out myself . . . but I can’t wait! Those of you who have fabric stashes . . . why don’t you try this!? As I love to say, with our crafting . . .. the possibilities are endless!! Let me know if you try this . . . I’d love to see your cards. I’ll post my “trys” as soon as I get a chance to do them. I’m thinking this might be a fun class to do, also . . . what do you think?

Speaking of classes . . . . I’m getting our schedule together for the next several months, and have some initial dates and topics . . . no project photos yet, but those will be coming over the next week or so.

Saturday, March 18 – Grass Valley, 10:00 – 1:00, 1404 Hughes Rd. (Theresa’s old office) This will be the first in our series of “technique classes”, and our theme is “Using Vellum Paper for Cardmaking”. You’ll leave with a couple of finished cards, yes . . . but the focus is to learn new techniques and ideas. So you’ll learn to do several of the “techniques” and will take home the pieces you made to make your own cards at home, or add to cards you’ve already done. The class fee for this class is $25.00.

Below is a photo of one of my favorite ideas for using vellum, and also one of the easiest!

This card shows how you can use a plain piece of white vellum as an overlay to a bold floral paper, to give it a muted effect. You can also overlay a paper that is less “bold” and you’ll get a different effect . .. .even softer and very lovely.

In class I’ll show you lots of samples, tips and ideas, and you’ll make several of them. You’ll also have an “idea sheet” handout to take home, and try some vellum on your own! Hope to see you there! Happy crafting . .. remember to do something creative every day! Hugs! Janice

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